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Pflaume Chutney Plum An ideal combination for Pork,
Dressing in Green Salads and Burgers.
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Sweet Fig FIG Tastes like something from the past. . Read More. . Read More. .
The traditional

Homade Recipes RECIPES From our workshop to your home. . Read More. . Read More. .

Family Tradition

Our story

'' Let's make you a sweet… '' the old ladies said when they wanted to thank you, and of course they meant the spoon sweets. Faithful to the tradition and values our ancestors conveyed to us, we created in our hometown, Oxymathus Kymi of Evia, a workshop of traditional sweets.
In us you can find spoon sweets, liqueurs and jams, dried figs of Kimi, baking sweets - baklava, lactobureco, kadaif -, almonds, coconut, curabies, as well as sweets for social events and business gifts, all with corporate gifts and business gifts products and with the traditional recipes!

`` If there is no Sweet in paradise I will not go. .``


Sweet & Spicy

Special mixes of sweet and spice that will take you to old Indian gastronomy. .


Sweets & Homemade

Homemade recipes with pure ingredients that take you back in time. .

Our Workshop

Our Family

With art, love and care we maintain a family tradition from generation to generation. .


Sweet treats at your place!

Design a magical event in your area!
For all the circumstances which would make their memory intact. .
  • Simple
  • 250
    • 4 Baking Orange Pie Pans
    • 100 pcs of Almond cap cakes
    • 4kg Cake
  • Standard
  • 350
    • 100 Soft Drinks
    • 4lt Ice Cream
    • 100 pcs of Almond cap cakes
    • 3 Baking Orange Pie Pans
  • Delights
  • 500
    • Handmade sangria / homemade liqueur
    • 100 pcs of Baklavá
    • 150 of Almond cap cakes
    • 150 pcs of Tartlets / Kokakia
    • 3 Baking Orange Pie Pans
  • Deluxe
  • 800
    • Handmade sangria / homemade liqueur
    • 50 pcs of Baklavá
    • 3 Baking Orange Pie Pans
    • 150 of Almond cap cakes
    • 150 Truffles
    • 150 Chocolate Profiteroles
    • 4k Cake

Homemade Recipes

  • Dressing fig with spices
    Ingredients: 50 ml red wine, 6 tb.s fig jam with spices
  • Sauce plum with wine
    Ingredients: 8 tb.s plum jam, 100 ml red wine, 1 cinnamon stick. .
  • Fasting Muffin
    Ingredients: 100ml seed oil, 50ml olive oil, 300ml orange juice
  • Apple, Cinnamon,Carrot & Orange zest tart
    Ingredients: 250g of soft flour, 125g cold butter cut into cubes, 45g of powdered sugar
  • Strawberry Jam tart
    Ingredients: • 300 g flour , 100 g. powdered sugar , 1 pinch of salt , 180 g. butter
  • Strawberry jam
    Ingredients: 1½ kg of ripe strawberries, 450 g white sugar, lemon juice
  • Mandarin Jam
    Ingredients: 2kg mandarins, 500 g white sugar, lemon juice, a pinch of salt



Homemade recipes made with love like the old days. .
Maria A.
Rich Tasting Catalog of Handmade Art.
Elina S.
Quality, service and natural home-made delicacies with love and care.
Maria M.



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